Dear Visitor,

Károly SzitaIn the previous decades or centuries people often depended on the rules of the environment and assigned his economical ambitions to it. It becomes difficult to find fresh and clean air or healthy environment nowadays in our Earth that is why it is important to implement projects with a special attendance on environmental protection, sustainability and recycling.

We decided to get together with the settlements of the region and act together to the protection of our environment. We cultivated 28modernd waste landfill to be able to prevent hazardous materials acquiesce in to the soil or water.

Now we start to implement the waste management project from 4.4 billion HUF as well as to build the new modern waste management complex centre.  We are going to be able to be more effective and recycle centred. It is also our financial benefit and can cause demonstrable reduction on the budget of the households as well.

The strategically aim of Kaposvár city is to provide high level services in competitive prices. I believe as the leader of the project that it is not only a possibility but our common responsible to our future, children and city.
To the best of my belief, that our project will contribute to a cleaner, healthier and greener environment in Kaposvár and its surrounding.

Kind regards,

Károly Szita
Mayor of Kaposvár City


Dear Visitor,

"The production of the waste is not necessary bad. It becomes bad if we do not start to work anything with It." told Mark Stevenson, scientist and this is our motto on building a waste management complex.

Whenever we talk about waste management people things that we have to build a landfill, collect the waste and store it here. Our common responsibility, to think it over and act. We have to reduce our personal amount of garbage, or packages. We also should differentiate between garbage and recycle waste.

Certainly it is a big challenge for all of us. That is why we founded the Kaposmenti Waste management Association in 2005 with 118 settlements and started to build up a new modern system for waste management and recycle centre.

Our aim is to promote the importance of environmental protection, selective waste management and recycling in wide range of the population. To convince companies and factories to use renewable, sustainable and environmental friendly technologies.

We are engaged on it because it is our common responsibility to protect our environment for the future generations.

I hope you will also support our aims.

Kind regards,

Kovács Katalin leader
Kaposmenti Waste management Autonomous Association

Utolsó frissítés: 2013-09-25

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December 1-jétől változik a szelektív hulladékgyűjtő edények átvételének rendje

Több mint 7700 szelektív hulladékgyűjtő edény már gazdára talált Kaposváron. A város családi házas és zártkerti övezeteiben a házhoz menő szelektív hulladékgyűjtés a december 14-i hétvégén kezdődik.

Gyűjtsön szelektíven ön is!

Az elmúlt években egyre többször találkozunk a szelektív hulladékgyűjtés fogalmával.

A projekt adatai

Közérdekű tudnivalók

Waste management methods, target groups

The waste collection system implemented by the project will be built up as the followings.

Main aims and objectives

The Kaposmente Waste Management Autonomus Association has two main objectives.

Settlement of the association

South Transdanubian Region, 118 settlements

Management of the communal waste in the region

A mintegy 154.000 lakost magába foglaló társulási területen a települési szilárdhulladékok begyűjtését, kezelését jelenleg egyetlen közszolgáltató, a KVG Zrt. végzi.

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